Tuesday, January 24, 2012


THE NAVIGATIONAL SKILLS along with the related mathematical and astronomical capabilities of the Fourth and Third millenia B.C. has been rarely understood or appreciated. The simplistic views of Nineteenth Century Evolution and the intimidation it gathered and arrayed against Christianity ... In the name of scientific, logical and academic argument, is shocking and so very regrettable. Average Christian leaders accepted the inevitable message of philosophic evolution ... That early Old Testament records Genesis, Job and other accounts were reporting on an undeveloped tribal and nomadic society such as is found in yesterday's Camel Caravan and today's illiterate nomadic groups of Arabia. The accepted "conventional view" is that theology - the understanding and revelation regarding God was progressive. The facts of archeolocal research, investigations into historic 'Seafaring Trade' and the collective knowledge of 3500 to 1500 B.C. surely support any thinking person to have a 're-think' ... to say the least!

THE "CONVENTION OF HISTORY" and its view of the simplicity of the "Bronze Age" has blinded the average history student and most Bible students (as well) to the scientificly advanced nature of societies of the 3rd and 4th Millenniums B.C.. The generally accepted "Higher Critical" assessments by Liberal and Lower Critical views of (neo) Evangelical Academics regarding Mesopotamia's and Israel's own pre-history and early intellectual, sociological, navigation and inter-continental trade competencies is now being challenged by secular historans. The new research into the pre-Abrahamic periods focused on Genesis 5-10 unlocks that Canaan's neighbours {Africa, Uruk-Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Sumeria, Egypt, Assyria, Syria, China, India, Kerala, Spain, Crete's Minoans, plus Britain and the Americas] were not the 'rather non-evolved simplistic' societies accepted by most previous academics.

The need of our day might be that of "FINDING OUR BEARINGS" and coming to our senses regarding philosophic, cosmological, sociological and biological evolution and its claims and infurences ... I.e. 'That our world's recent surgence in intellectual development implies "evolution," rather than a devolution and only a re-surgence such as the Renaissance or the Reformation.'

In any case, THE QUESTION FOR CHRISTIANS TODAY is personal and spiritually crucial: "Are we growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ" or out of intimidation or attempts at self-defense are we submitting to the pathway of least resistance yielding to the mentally "lazy man's" temptation to reject those things that seem -- to us -- to be just too difficult or too unpopular to accept? (1Peter 3). Return to reading and prioritizing the Word of God rather than "dumbing-down" and blindly accepting the post-modern self-oriented rationalizations of our "techno age!"