Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a dingy?

The Navigation of life includes anchoring in various harbours and taking the little dingies to shore for all the small trips and details of life. I wonder if we appreciate all those that support us - back on land: those that provision us; those that care for us and those that wait for us while we are at sea?

I wonder if we can truly understand the Providence of God active in some many ways, so many acts of quiet love ... active but not always obvious - in patience, kindness goodness ! Then really, there are all the 'Fruit of the Spirit' working through our family, our church family, our co-workers, and our brothers to encourage and edify our lives! How many are found in sister and supporting churches and how very many are quietly involved in prayer .. for our well-being! So many are concerned and praying - for the blessings of grace on our families, life work and personal needs - so many that we may not even know personally?

How much of the Spirit's providential working do we ever understand. How much of His convicting work and power - that is "busy" convincing us of the truth of God's Divine Revelation, the Scriptures! This 'wind" - revealing the truth - through the workings of grace in His Word - do we really understand. How much do we see and hear of our daily lives that we truly understand? How much of what we hear, feel, see and sense do we really understand?

His Spirit so operates and so influences our inner selves, by: His comfort, His guidance, and His illumination of Scriptural Truth -- how much can we understand? Then, too, regarding our Faith, Hope and Love for Him and others - how deep is that love? May we realyy want to make the choice to understand? Can we trust Him? Do we trust Him with ourselves? His sovereign will and providential ways ... all working with and within the freedom and free-will of our lives -in Christ!

Now, how much do we understand? If you decide you have most of it figured out ... would you possibly look around again? There are the political, social and cultural influences of God in and over our world! There are God's order or control over the physical world, the world of nature and the universe!

Who can say what would be enough but maybe just a little short ride from the ship to the shore will give you enough time to reflect on the meanings of 'navigation' as a term, as a goal and as a reality?

We surely do have real and genuine responsibility in life - but how much do we really understand? God's nature, character and wisdom amaze the heart! His divine sovereignty and merciful and gracious providence founded in the work of Christ bring us to worship Him

Life's "navigation" has much to do with currents, winds and storms that we hardly recognize! "The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit." John 3:8